April 2013

A few people have reported seeing Barred Owls down at the Intervale this week! Exciting. It is their nesting season, so they are more likely to be spotted during the day.  Barred Owls typically nest in old tree cavities, so they prefer older, mixed forests near water. The Intervale provides a lot of good, unbroken habitat for them! And, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, they don’t ever travel far: banded birds have never moved more than six miles over their individual lifetimes.

Here is a comic I drew this winter, based on a naturalist program that was originally written by Dave Weston (fellow AMC naturalist & caretaker.) I’ve used & adapted this program for years! It’s a great one.

Owls! So mysterious. What the heck are they up to?

Credits:  This comic originally appeared in Cabin In The Sky, Vol 1, Winter 2013.  It is based on an owls program written by Dave Weston, 2007.

Other Sources:  Day, F., Downs, R., Knox, P., Meserve, P., Warf, B.  Field Guide to the Birds of North America. National Geographic Society, 2002

 Naturalist Comics Mini

Naturalist Comics Mini