Comics Club BTV


Comics Club is a new group of doodlers, amateurs, zinesters, web- & mini-comic artists, sequential artists & graphic novelists around Burlington VT.

Our inaugural meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 14 from 6-8pm.  Arts Riot is hosting us, at 400 Pine St.

We’ll introduce ourselves, talk about what we do and gather ideas and goals for the club, and talk about opportunities for selling our work. We’ll finish up with a drawing session, so bring your drawing tools of choice!

A few opportunities to discuss at our first meeting:

- A quarterly Comics Club anthology
- Lynda Barry’s Unthinkable Mind course
- Iona has a table at the Artist Market, and is excited to sell interested member’s mini-comics/zines, etc.
- Workshop series 

UPDATE:  Comics Club now meets every two weeks, alternating Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6-8pm.  We are currently working on an anthology, for June 2014.  We would love to meet you!