Hello! I've cheated a little: This 'blog' is largely just selections from my TUMBLR.  My recent projects are sprinkled throughout the web site & include:

A collaborative ethnography with a migrant dairy worker

A collaboration with a US marine corps veteran on the theme of transitions

An anthology for Rod & Cone Press, focused on great writing // spark in comics

Animated naturalist blog posts for the USFS

A summary of a book on climate psychology, by a Norwegian economist

A look at Sandor Ellix Katz's fermentation guide & manifesto


Upcoming projects in 2016 include:

- A summary, in comics, of the Appalachian Mountain Club's 10-year study on climate change in the Northeast for OUTDOORS magazine

- A graphic interview with farmers at a 25 year-old, worker-owned small farm for GUTS magazine

- GIRLTALK, a collection of short stories based on other people's diaries

- ANTHOLOGY #2, Rod & Cone Press, debuting at CAKE Chicago and TCAF

Sketches from a comic about the Rock of Ages granite quarry in Barre, VT (I was a geology major!)

The quarry is fully operational so in order to see it you have to take a tour, and it is totally worthwhile!

The Rock of Ages Corp. / Swenson Granite estimates there is enough granite for another 4,500 years of quarrying